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Andrianantoandro, 2006, Synthetic biology: new engineering rules for an emerging discipline

  • Incorporate classical engineering strategies of standardization, decoupling, and abstraction
  • To achieve prdicatabilty and reliability, strategies for engineering biology must :

o   include the notion of cellular context in the functional definition of devices and modules

o   use rational design and directed evolution for system optimization

o   focus on accomplishing tasks using cell populations rather than individual cells


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  • Intro
  • Begins with discovery of mathematicl logic in gene regulation in the 1960’s (ie, lac operon) and early achievements in genetic engineering that took place in the 1970’s, such as recombinant DNA tech
  • Synthetic biology extends the spirit of genetic engineering to focus on whole systems of genes and gene products

o   Focus on systems as opposed to individual genes or pathways I s shared by the contemporaneous discipline of systems biology, which analyzes biological organisms in their entirety

o   Synthetic biology is to Systems biology as genetic engineering is to molecular biology

  • Goal of synthetic biology is to extend or modifiy the behavior of organisms and engineer them to perform new tasks

It's jack!

o   Thin, of the computer engineering hierchy for this goal

o   Design of new behavior occurs with the top of the hierchy in mind but is implemented bottom-up


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